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Daniel de Juan

May 2nd, 2023

Create software engineering success with automated goal setting, tracking and alerting

Create software engineering success with automated goal setting, tracking and alerting

Sleuth's new Goals dashboard helps teams set, track, and achieve their goals.

Here's how it works:

  • Sleuth automatically suggests efficiency goals based on teams' historical metrics.
  • Teams can then accept suggested goals or create their own.
  • Sleuth automatically notifies teams in real time as they begin to drift from the goals they’ve set, driving awareness and action that increases their likelihood of actually achieving the goals they’ve set.
  • Sleuth keeps teams up to date on how they’re performing against their goals over time.

Sleuth's new Goals dashboard lets engineering teams set goals for coding, review lag, review and deploying time.

Benefits to using Sleuth to achieve your goals

Context matters

DORA metrics are an invaluable tool for baselining teams' software delivery performance, discovering bottlenecks, and determining whether improvement initiatives are having the desired effect. They become even more actionable, however, when they’re contextualized within the specific outcomes teams want to achieve.

While one highly-mature team might be focused on shaving seconds off of their deploy time, another might be ironing out their PR process to bring review times down from days to hours. These teams have different goals and different measures for what counts as achieving them.

Taking teams from ambition to action

Once teams have specified the goals that matter to them, they also need to remain aware of how their day-to-day activities are contributing to or detracting from their likelihood of achieving those goals. Developers want to help their teams achieve goals, but the reality is that it’s just too easy to get deep into a coding task and miss that a PR has been waiting for review for long enough that it’s compromising the team's goal of reigning in PR review time.

Set goals and keep them in check with auto-notifications from Sleuth

Sleuth’s “nudge” notifications keep teams informed in real time as their individual PRs and deploys begin to drift from the targets they’ve set. These notifications create awareness and drive actions that increase the teams' chances of actually achieving the goals they’ve set for themselves.

As one early adopter put it, “Having not only a tool to know how you’re doing but a tool to actually stick to your goals — I can tell you for sure my boss will love this.”

Smart suggestions help teams set the right goals

Knowing what you want to improve is one thing, but knowing how to set a target that’s challenging while also being realistically achievable is another.

Sleuth helps teams get started by suggesting goals that make sense in the context of that team’s historical performance. Sleuth automatically suggests goals that help move the improvement needle without discouraging teams by setting the bar too high.

Sleuth suggests realistic goals based on engineering teams' historical baselines

Teams can of course depart from Sleuth’s suggestions, setting their own goals that might align to OKRs they’ve already agreed to, for example, but smart suggestions are a great way to help teams get started.

Telling the full story of where teams are and where they’re headed

Each chart on the Goals dashboard provides a rich story around how teams have been performing against their goals and whether they’re headed in the right direction.

Know exactly how you're tracking toward goals with descriptive dashboards for goal achievement

Goal charts are color-coded to draw attention to whether the goal was achieved each day, and each chart’s headline summarizes the percentage of days in the period on which the goal was achieved. Teams can also see at a glance whether they’ve hit a goal on average across a period as well as whether they’re trending in the right direction to hit them going forward.

As another customer puts it, “It’s actually more valuable to view your current state against a goal than it is to view it against a prior period. The ability to set goals and receive notifications about them will drive everyone to use and rely on Sleuth much more heavily.”

Driving action to achieve outcomes teams can celebrate

Goals is just the tip of the iceberg of Sleuth’s laser-focus on empowering customers with powerful tools to improve. Stay tuned for many more exciting releases to help your teams be their very best!

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