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Daniel de Juan

September 13th, 2023

Fast-track your engineering improvements with Sleuth Automations

Fast-track your engineering improvements with Sleuth Automations

Teams want tools that allow them to easily automate away repetitive tasks, remove inefficiencies from their workflows, and let robots, not humans, enforce best practices without causing friction.

Sleuth Automations does all that work for you so your team can focus on providing customer value.

How Sleuth Automations work

Sleuth’s Automations Marketplace provides a rich catalog of Automations that can evaluate conditions and execute actions across your entire toolchain, empowering teams to remove toil, enforce best practices, and focus on what matters.

Each Automation is simple to install, tweak, or uninstall — all from within Sleuth. This allows teams to quickly experiment with them, and lean into only the ones that provide the most value.

Sleuth can automatically suggest Automations based on your current bottlenecks, providing an answer to the question, “We know we have this problem, but what should we do about it?”

Sleuth’s powerful metrics let you know whether Automations are having the desired effect.

Automations for everything

Sleuth provides four flavors of Automations to get the most from your entire software delivery tool stack.

PR Checks

PR Checks analyze pull requests to ensure they conform to best practices, like ensuring that all PR commits match a standard format. PR checks cut down review time and improve morale by relieving reviewers of the onus of “policing” best practices. Think of them as linters for your PR process!


Notifications drive awareness, nudge teams toward meeting their goals, and help them respond quickly by automatically alerting them in real-time when Sleuth determines there’s something they need to know.

Our own engineering team loves "Notify reviewers when reviews are requested for PRs with a specific label," which lets Sleuth do the nagging for PRs that require immediate review.


Actions provide targeted Automations across your software delivery tool chain, like automatically transitioning a PR’s linked Jira issue to let stakeholders know when a change they care about has deployed to its target environment.

Combine that action with the PR check that ensures that all PR titles have an issue key, and you’ve got a reliable, automated process that enforces an SDLC compliance requirement and guarantees timely communication to your business.


Workflows evaluate multiple conditions and execute complex actions all across that tool chain. We love the Auto-promote soaked deploy if environment is healthy workflow, which automatically promotes our deploys from Staging to Production once Sleuth determines they’ve had a good soak.

Sleuth can do this because 1) it knows exactly how long each change has been live in Staging, 2) it knows the status of all of the impact monitoring tools connected to Staging, and 3) it has the ability to trigger the deploy promotion in our CI/CD platform and send a Slack message congratulating everyone on their win.

Why choose Sleuth Automations?

They're so easy to use

Automations are incredibly easy to install, configure, and uninstall with just a few clicks. No issuing PRs, no squandering precious developer time. Turn one on, try it out, and if it’s not doing what you’d hoped, tweak it or turn off — all from within Sleuth.

They're built with developer experience in mind

Whether it’s viewing and responding to PR checks within your existing Git workflow, or receiving and responding to notifications from within Slack, Automations are designed with developers' existing workflows in mind.

Our customers love them

"We’ve been focused on the Slack notifications during our beta testing [of Sleuth Automations], and we love how Sleuth has been helping teams stay on top of stalled PRs, notifying them of urgent review requests, and nudging them toward hitting their lead time goals." says Torsten Sinnemann, Engineering Manager at Article.

"We’re also excited to start using some of the PR checks that can enforce the best practices that have already been working for us."

They power continuous improvement

Think of Continuous Improvement as a virtuous circle that starts with getting a clear understanding of where you are today because you can’t improve what you can't measure.

Now, Automations close the loop by enabling our customers to not just measure, but take specific actions to improve their software delivery capability.

Sleuth knows your current bottlenecks and can suggest Automations that we’ve designed specifically to address them. And once you’ve had a few of our Automations out in the wild, the metrics provide instant feedback on whether they're having the intended effect.

Try it right now!

Check out the help doc or visit the Automations Marketplace to start improving today.

If you’re new to Sleuth, you’ve come to the right place at the right time. We invite you to try Sleuth free for 30 days.

As always, please send us your feedback on how we can keep getting better at helping your teams achieve elite performance.

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