Track and improve
Accelerate metrics

You can't improve what you don't measure. Sleuth lets you do both.
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A tracker both managers and developers love.

For Managers

Sleuth gives managers the most accurate view into releases, and the key metrics proven to drive productivity: Accelerate metrics.
Automate manual deploy tasks in Slack and through code.

For Developers

Sleuth helps developers improve on Accelerate metrics, by making deployments easier and less stressful.

Deployment-based metrics tracking is simply better.

Track the right metrics accurately

Don't track dozens of metrics just because you have the data from source control. Accelerate or DORA metrics are team-based metrics proven to impact software delivery performance.

Sleuth is designed to accurately track Accelerate metrics and provide the context developers can use to improve on them.

A tracker developers want to use

Sleuth tracks Accelerate metrics by way of tracking deploys.

Developers use Sleuth to get a complete view of current and upcoming deploys, and the impact of deployed releases - so they can understand what's shipped, shipping, and needs fixing.

Track everything deployments:
Deploy Frequency ⬆️

Know instantly when deploys break things:

Know how and when to deploy safely:
Change Failure Rate ⬇️

Automate deployment workflow your way:
Change Lead Time ⬇️

Make shipping less stressful for developers

Sleuth helps teams improve on Accelerate metrics by making deployments less stressful for developers.

It gives developers clarity and control over deploys, which in turn gives them the confidence to ship faster.

Less time spent stressing about deploys means more time for writing code. That's always time well spent.
Track deploys and know what's shipped, shipping, and needs fixing.

Get accurate & contextual metrics

Most trackers can't give you an accurate view on metrics because they're only pulling data from source controls.

Sleuth integrates with all the tools in your toolchain, giving it the most accurate view of all that happens.

It integrates with all major source controls, APMs, error trackers, issue trackers, observability tools, and LaunchDarkly for feature flagging.
Sleuth integrates with all major popular tools in your toolchain.
It's often difficult to tell what's happening in all the tools we use to build software. Sleuth gives us a single view into our entire development cycle, helping us understand at an amazingly deep level the impact of our releases and how our code is improving over time.
Josh Graham
VP of Technology