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Deploy, improve, repeat.

Cloud-based deployment tracking that arms software teams with the knowledge required to move faster. Full visibility and reporting across your team’s entire DevOps stack. Improve uptime and stop change related incidents before they ship. 

Move to continuous delivery with confidence.

Orchestrate Releases

Plan, schedule, and track releases. Manage release pipelines and dependencies across multiple teams, tools, and infrastructure.

Discover Incident Root Causes

When a deployment causes downtime, reduced performance, or customer-facing bugs, Sleuth™ knows. Quickly identify, resolve, and re-deploy.

Gain Devops Insight

Historical metrics and dashboards highlight performance trends over time, and give you and your stakeholders visibility into the value of your releases.

Understand how change came to be

Drawing from the best in class tools your engineering teams already use such as source control, APM, issue and error tracking. We equip your teams with the data needed to dramatically reduce downtime!


Preview releases to catch mistakes early

Sleuth models the impact of all your interconnected services to give you a preview into a release.

Deploy with confidence.

Sources of Change


Connect your GitHub or Bitbucket account to start tracking commits, pull requests and releases right away


Automagically associate issues from Jira, Clubhouse, GitHub and Bitbucket to your services and deployments.

CI/CD Tools

Instantly model your deployment pipeline utilizing the CI/CD tools your team uses to build code.


Something in AWS changes? Sleuth knows. Want to model the impact of a change to your Kubernetes cluster? Sleuth is here.

Monitoring Tools

Pull in real-time data from Sentry, DataDog, Segment, and more, to instantly understand the impact of your deployments.

Feature Flags

Deep LaunchDarkly integration allows you to model your feature flag deploys and track changes over time.

Sleuth integrates with all the tools your team is already using to give you a single pane of glass across your modern tech stack. Capture all your sources of change: code, infrastructure, feature flags and more.

How We Help

Sleuth enables teams embracing DevOps to move faster. We help you improve software delivery by increasing performance with real-time, actionable insights into blockers, delays and inefficiencies.

Powerful environment support

Easily model environments across production, staging, infrastructure and more. Integrate with your existing DevOps tools to intelligently organize environmental attributes.

Advanced deployment strategies

First class support for Rolling, Blue/Green, and Canary deployments allows you to eliminate risk with frequent deploys.

Value Stream Optimization

Improve software delivery by increasing performance with real-time, actionable insights into blockers, delays and inefficiencies.

Plays Well With Others



Dylan Etkin

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Atlassian alum Dylan has spent the last 15 years building dev tools with Jira, Bitbucket, and Statuspage. Dylan brings an excellence at building high performing engineering teams that build successful products.

Michael Knighten

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Michael brings a love of building and shipping to Sleuth. Laser-focused on customer experience, simplification and ease of use, Michael built Atlassian's cloud offerings from the ground up following stints at PGP and Apple.

Don Brown

Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Don lives and breathes software, wearing developer, architect, & manager hats for over 20 years.  His passion is to nudge developers out of their silos to better connect with customers by owning their code to production and beyond.





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Full visibility and reporting across your team’s entire DevOps stack.