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Empowering engineering teams to take off

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How Sleuth Works

Efficiency made easy: measure, improve, repeat.

Sleuth gives teams visibility and actionable insights on efficiency, Automations to instantly ship improvements, and metrics to measure their impact.

Continous Improvement Loop
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Use Cases

How engineering teams improve with Sleuth

Elite teams have high output, high reliability, and high morale. They rely on Sleuth to systematically improve efficiency.

Track your current speed and quality of releases to set a baseline moving forward.

Identify in-flight bottlenecks before they turn into problems. Even mid sprint.

Get rid of all that is the enemy of flow, so developers can spend more time coding.

Measure the effects of improvement initiatives on delivery performance.

Equip developers to make quick improvements through integrations and Automations.

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Teams using Sleuth have achieved…

  • 2-4xmore frequent deploys
  • 50%reduced downtime
  • developer happiness


Automations are a pre-built collection of no-code checks, notifications, actions, and workflows. They allow your team to experiment with improvement initiatives with minimal investment, thanks to their "one-click" and configurable nature.