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Dylan Etkin

July 26th, 2021

"Accelerate" your team with Sleuth

"Accelerate" your team with Sleuth

The larger your team grows and the faster your teams move, the harder it is for engineering leaders to find trust but verify moments, the moments where you should dig in and make sure your team's health is improving.

Imagine a world where all your engineering tools are working together such that accurate and insightful trust but verify moments come to you. Imagine a world where you have the finest Sleuth in the world, working just for you.

With Sleuth’s new metrics experience engineering leaders have the insights they need to know how their team is performing, where they may be encountering bottlenecks and how to remove them. Sleuth is now the most accurate and flexible way to track and improve your team's Accelerate (DORA) metrics.

Sleuth project metrics dashboard showing all Accelerate / DORA metrics

A new metrics dashboard, detailed breakdowns, industry standard rankings, actionable insights and the tools your developers need to improve means Sleuth will accelerate your team's development and deployments today!

Subscribe to your metrics digest so when Monday morning rolls around, you’ll know if you’ve got any insights to investigate. Quickly jump from your email to dig into an insight and find out what’s really going on. From there, Sleuth arms you with the information you need to either dig in with your team or to implement one of the many Sleuth tools to improve.

A healthy team depends on trust between team and leadership. Sleuth helps you verify without breaking trust with your developers.

Insights that seek you out

Sleuth understands your time is valuable and you can’t watch endless dashboards or dig into everything.

Subscribe to your project's metrics summary and rest assured you won’t miss a beat. Sleuth’s insights call out the moments you need to watch and Sleuth’s drill-in allows you to find the information you need to verify with your team without breaking trust.

Accurate and actionable metrics you can trust

Sleuth metrics are the most accurate, flexible and trustworthy way to measure your team's Accelerate (DORA) performance. This is because we integrate with the sources of truth (code, issues, builds, observability, etc) your teams already use. Because Sleuth tracks deploys to all your environments we don’t have to guess about when change actually deploys to your customers. Furthermore, we know the difference between your team's metric performance in staging vs production.

Sleuth focuses on showing you performance over time and highlights your trends by showing the comparison to your previous report period.

Change lead time - Sleuth uses our code integrations (Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab, etc) coupled with our deployment tracking to build a complete picture of your team's lead time, the time from first commit to deploy. We provide a detailed breakdown of how much your team, on average, is spending; coding, waiting for review to begin, reviewing and how long it takes to deploy.

Deploy frequency - Sleuth’s deployment tracking means we know exactly when and where your team's deploys occur. However, it’s not enough to know how often you are deploying. Sleuth also shows the batch size breakdown of each deploy. If you team’s deploy frequency is down, did you start deploying larger batches? Sleuth will let you know.

Change failure rate - Change failure rate is often the hardest Accelerate metric for teams to capture. This is where Sleuth’s integrations and flexibility really shine. Because failure means something different for all teams, Sleuth needs to conform to your definition of failure. Sleuth allows teams to define failure as broadly as an incident or as finely as a custom observability metric being outside of its normal range. Sleuth’s impact integrations use the tools you already rely on!

MTTR - Mean time to recovery is really how long it took your team to transition from a failure back to a healthy state. Because Sleuth provides flexibility on what failure means to your team this carries over to MTTR as well. Sleuth breaks down MTTR and lets you know how much time your project has spent in: incident, rollback, unhealthy or ailing states. Drill into any of these filters to find your problematic deploys.

Measurements with insight

Sleuth provides insights into how your team is performing over time. These are your chance to understand what leveling up your accelerate performance looks like, how your team compares against industry standards, your existing wins, and diving into see which deploys are keeping your team from achieving that next level. For instance, your coding time might be much higher than normal, Sleuth provides the list of pull requests, sorted by duration so you can quickly see what’s going on.

The tools your team needs to improve

Sleuth allows managers to measure their team's performance and to spot bottlenecks. However, measuring without the tools to improve falls flat- we want teams to improve! Sleuth is built to provide the tools developers need to improve their Accelerate metrics and deployment process. To name a few:

Try Sleuth for free and accelerate your team's development and deployments today!

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