Engineering Efficiency for all

From the team that brought Continuous Delivery to Atlassian. Over 50 years of combined DevOps experience.
Sleuth Team

Our mission

Empower teams to ship faster by making Engineering measurable & easy to improve.
Throughout my career, my passion has always been focused on building and scaling high performing engineering teams. However, a dirty little secret in engineering is that we've never had a real quantitative and trustworthy measure of engineering efficiency. Sleuth is changing all that.

Our values

Focus on the User and the Rest Will Follow

We are here for you in every way. First, our amazing tools help you achieve your goals. Then our teams go the extra mile to provide you with delightful experiences and superior services. Our fanatical focus on your success is sure to make you a fanatical Sleuth user.

Choose Action

We believe it’s better to solve a problem quickly with an imperfect solution than to waste time striving for perfection. We encourage our team members to change what they think is broken. When in doubt: iterate, improve, then DO.

Be Open, All the Time

Sleuth service and user experience teams are always available to you. We share information and collaborate freely to bring you the best solutions from our brightest minds.

Seek to Understand

We seek to understand your needs — to build trust with you, and to provide you with the best services and experiences.

Our values

Our founders

Dylan Etkin

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Atlassian alum Dylan has spent the last 15 years building dev tools with Jira, Bitbucket, and Statuspage. Dylan brings an excellence at building high performing engineering teams that build successful products.

Michael Knighten

Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Michael brings a love of building and shipping to Sleuth. Laser-focused on customer experience, simplification & ease of use, Michael built Atlassian's cloud offerings from the ground up following stints at PGP & Apple.

Don Brown

Founder & Chief Technical Officer
Don lives & breathes software, wearing developer, architect, & manager hats for over 20 years. His passion is to nudge developers to better connect with customers by owning their code to production and beyond.

Our team

Ines Panker
Software Engineer
Mato Žgajner
Software Engineer
Žiga Vidic
Software Engineer
Tyler Cascade
Head of Marketing
Nejc Ambrožič
Software Engineer
Aaron Wilson
Account Executive
Tracy Black
Software Engineer
Igor Bogdanovski
Principal Designer
Cindy Lin
Demand Generation
Lisa Davis
Head of Talent
Uroš Trebec
Senior Software Engineer
Katie Langer
Content Marketing
Daniel De Juan
Director of Product
David Pristovnik
Kate Bierbaum
Head of Engineering
Sasha Yee
Finance and Ops
Adam Julian
Support Engineer
Devin Rasmussen
Software Engineer
Miha Zidar
Software Engineer
Lauren Paige
Sales Development
Primož Kos
Senior Software Engineer
Carl Bergenhem
Sales Engineer
Rory McCallion
Director of Analytics
Rebecca Boozan
Head of Customer Success
Nick Humrich
Senior Software Engineer
Matt Shuster
Account Executive
Kharyee Marshall
Sales Development

Join our team

Help teams deploy more, stress less, and grow happier customers.

Our investors

We are fortunate to partner with leading venture capital firms who truly understand the unique nuances of the developer-first space, with the track record of backing early stage developer tools startups that have gone on to achieve incredible success.

Go from zero to one hundred deploys a day.

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