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Don Brown

Host, Sleuth CTO & Co-Founder

Don lives & breathes software, wearing developer, architect, & manager hats for over 20 years. His passion is to nudge developers to better connect with customers by owning their code to production and beyond.

Sleuth TV Live

Like you, we think there's a better way for software engineering teams to do more with less. Sleuth TV Live is a new, interactive series that explores improving engineering efficiency. We'll talk with guests, share tips and war stories, and engage with you to level us all up.

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Season 2 Episode 2 --- March 23, 2023

Doing more with less

Resources are limited, budgets are tight, and demands are high for today's engineering teams. How can you do more with less in this challenging economic climate? We'll talk about some tactical ways Sleuth can help you get more out of everything you do.

Live stream starts at 9a.m. PT on Thursday 3/23. Sign up above to get a reminder!

Season 2 Episode 1 --- February 23, 2023

Getting teams on board for the DORA metrics journey

We're back for Season 2! Tune in for the first episode where we'll address a common reality: How do you get your teams to adopt DORA metrics when you're already on board? We'll discuss some of the top ways DORA metrics are useful for Sleuth's engineering team .

Live stream starts at 9am PT on Thursday 2/23. Sign up above so you don't forget!

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