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Don Brown

Host, Sleuth CTO & Co-FounderDon lives & breathes software, wearing developer, architect, & manager hats for over 20 years. His passion is to nudge developers to better connect with customers by owning their code to production and beyond.

Sleuth TV Live

Like you, we think there's a better way for software engineering teams to do more with less. Sleuth TV Live is a new, interactive series that explores improving engineering efficiency. We'll talk with guests, share tips and war stories, and engage with you to level us all up.

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Episode 1 | August 18

DORA Metrics 101

DORA Metrics are slowly becoming the industry standard for measuring developer efficiency, but where did these metrics come from?

Episode 2 | August 25

DORA Metrics: What are they good for?

You’ve learned about the history of DORA metrics and some of the benefits of using them from our first episode. Now, let’s talk about why they matter.

Episode 3 | September 1

Does failure happen if no one is around to measure it?

Let's talk about the elephant in the room: failure. Two of the four DORA metrics, Change Failure Rate and MTTR, require that you first define what failure means. How exactly do you do that?

Episode 4 | September 8

Should you measure developer productivity?

Sleuth's CTO Don Brown and CEO Dylan Etkin had an engaging, insightful conversation about how DORA metrics connect to your people and how they play into developers' happiness.

Episode 5 | September 15

Does accuracy matter in DORA metrics?

Accuracy matters because any improvements made anywhere besides the bottleneck are an illusion. It seems like a no-brainer but surprisingly, it isn't a given.

Episode 6 | September 22

Where are you on the DORA metrics journey?

We're wrapping up Season 1 of Sleuth TV Live! We've covered a lot of ground, so we'll pull it all together with a talk about the DORA metrics journey and where you can go from here.

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