Track, Debug, and Fix Errors with Sleuth and Sentry

Dylan Etkin
September 8, 2020

Developer teams shipping software frequently are in a constant state of change. Understanding the state of their code at a given point of time is sometimes clear as mud. The Sentry | Sleuth integration is focused on helping developers automate the annoyances of deploying software, tracking the health of a release, and providing clarity on how to resolve critical code issues.

Follow along with Don Brown, Sleuth Co-Founder and CTO, and Rahul Chhabria, Sentry’s Director Product Marketing, as we walk through how Sleuth builds the story for every deployment, automatically notifies Sentry of a release, and how Sentry surfaces critical errors related to those releases.

Learn how:

• Sleuth intelligently pulls together information from source (GitHub, Bitbucket), issues (Jira, Clubhouse), feature flags (LaunchDarkly), and CI tools (CircleCi) to tell you if something in your deployment needs to be looked at.

• Diagnose, fix and optimize your code with Sentry - will tell you all the issues related to the release, provide relevant context to fix the errors, and notify you if those errors happen again.

Check out the video below! And to see Sleuth in action for yourself, see our live demo or try it for free today.