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Photograph of Dylan Etkin

Dylan Etkin

May 5th, 2020

Sleuth Accelerated - Announcing Our Seed Round!

Sleuth Accelerated - Announcing Our Seed Round!

At Sleuth, we are committed to bringing order to DevOps, which is why we’ve built a deployment tracker that arms remote software teams with the knowledge required to move faster.

Your distributed software teams should be laser-focused on delivering value to your users, not spending their valuable time and energy managing and communicating releases across the organization. Sleuth brings order, predictability and trust to your software delivery. That’s why we are beyond thrilled today to announce our US$3M seed round, led by CRV with participation from angel investors at New Relic, Atlassian, LaunchDarkly, and Datadog. This is a massive step forward for Sleuth, and a strong validation of the problem space we are attacking. This funding will give us the runway we need to expand our mission to empower teams to ship with confidence and build trust across the organization.

Sleuth was founded by three early Atlassians: Dylan Etkin, Michael Knighten, and Don Brown. We were all in the first 50 employees hired by Atlassian, and saw firsthand the evolution of the dev tools space and the movement towards modern DevOps and continuous delivery for SaaS-first applications—all changes that are meant to speed the pace of innovation and democratize the software delivery process. Max Gazor, General Partner at CRV, said,

“We invested in Sleuth because we believe remote DevOps is the future, and this team is poised to deliver it. The best teams are now deploying multiple times a week or day, and are leveraging best-of-breed point solutions to manage their code, infrastructure, feature flags and more. There is a real need in the market for systems to address this complexity.”

Until now, there has been no single lightweight cloud system that looks across the entire DevOps stack to manage the deployment, tell everyone what’s changing and why. And that’s where Sleuth comes in.

LaunchDarkly is one of our first customers, and they’ve given us great feedback that has helped shaped the product to date.

Jonathan Nolen, VP of Engineering & Product at LaunchDarky said,

“Sleuth does an amazing job of pulling together exactly the information I need to understand our progress. It’s amazing to see what the team accomplishes each day, what has been released and why. Sleuth cuts out all the noise of a million different app notifications, letting us see what actually gets shipped.”

With our funding, we’re planning to staff up our engineering team with the goal of hitting a number of our long term product objectives, in particular expanding our ecosystem footprint to integrate with a wide range of software tools—we want to be the best integrated DevOps tool on the market.

Additionally, we will continue to focus on leveraging data and learnings to improve the Sleuth workflow and provide best practice guidance to our DevOps users. We already have a number of customers using Sleuth every day, and their feedback is helping us shape an offering that delivers more and more value.

During the process of finalizing this round, we were able to inject some amazing DNA into our team with the addition of angel investments from leaders at New Relic (CEO Lew Cirne), Atlassian (President Jay Simons and CTO Sri Viswanthan), LaunchDarkly (Founders Edith Harbaugh & John Kodumal), Datadog (CPO Amit Agarwal), Lightstep (CEO Ben Sigelman), and more—we are humbled and beyond thankful for the exceptional quality of individuals who are excited about Sleuth and the wisdom they will bring to us.

Onward and upward—we’re thrilled to jump start our journey in this way, and there will be much more to come! Dylan and the Sleuth Team