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Daniel de Juan

July 14th, 2022

Announcing DORA metrics for teams

Announcing DORA metrics for teams

Sleuth is pleased to announce a new set of features that enable our customers to measure, compare, and drive efficiency improvements on a per-team basis!

Team-level view of your DORA metrics

While Sleuth has always driven cross-org and project-level efficiency analytics, we understand that teams often span multiple projects and vice-versa (e.g., a platform team contributing to multiple projects, multiple micro-services teams contributing to the same project). This recognition presented an opportunity for Sleuth to provide even more value to your Accelerate journey by adding a team-centric lens to your existing project-level and org-wide views.

One benefit to team-centric views is that they can provide greater insight into the root causes (and recommended remediations) of changes to project-level DORA metrics (e.g., being able to trace a project-level increase in Change Failure Rate down to a particular contributing team).

But team-based views are about more than just understanding each team’s relative contributions to the projects they’re working on. Different teams often have their own unique processes, tools, and relevant targets for “what’s good” when it comes to measuring their performance against the DORA metrics, and so team-centric views provide an invaluable tool for enabling “apples-to-apples” measurements, comparisons, and improvements to each team’s DORA metrics over time.

Sleuth for Teams functionalities

With this release, Sleuth users can now:

For additional best practices on implementing and rallying your teams around team-centric metrics, check out our Brief and Practical Guide to Developer Productivity Metrics.

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