Developers, take command of your deploys

Dylan Etkin
January 29, 2021

Today we’re excited to be rolling out a completely redesigned Sleuth experience. Our new Command Center provides one place to visit so developers can quickly and safely deploy new changes.

Redesigned Sleuth project dashboard

Deploy with safety

Our project Command Center was designed so developers can instantly understand if they can safely deploy their changes.

Sleuth’s Impact tracking keeps track of your project’s health so a developer can easily determine if their project is in a state that allows them to deploy. We surface the project’s most recent deploy and identify if changes may have had negative impact and require investigation before performing additional deploys.

Sleuth’s deployment locking allows teams to throw on the brakes when they need to. Command Center puts your locks front and center, making it easy to pause your developers' deploys in a pinch.

Deployment locking

Be prepared for what you’re deploying

Command Center puts the spotlight on Sleuth’s powerful deploy previews. We quickly show you what’s about to change and automatically call out any important attributes such as migrations or dependency changes.

Deploy preview

Easily keep your environments in sync

We know that keeping multiple deploy environments in sync is a PITA. Now with Command Center you can compare any of your environments and easily discover how many deploys and hours your environments are apart. Never let your dogfood environment get weeks out of sync again!

Environment drift tracking

Easily discover the who, what and when

Our UI/UX updates have touched every part of your Sleuth experience. Every screen has been designed to quickly answer the questions, “Who made what change when?”.

Code deployment dashboard
Deploy details view

Take command 🚀

With Command Center, developers have the right information to deploy quickly and safely. If you haven't tried Sleuth, start your free trial today.