Milestones Checklist

Getting to a point where your team deploys 100 times a day might sound daunting. But break it down into smaller pieces and suddenly it feels more doable.

This milestones checklist breaks down the journey elite teams at Amazon, Google, Netflix, and other top companies into three phases:

  • Phase 1 : Deploy once a week
  • Phase 2 : Deploy once a day
  • Phase 3 : Deploy a hundred times a day

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What's inside

Three pages of checklists listing the measurements, development practices, communications lines, and cultural habits your team needs to adopt to progress to the next phase.

If you want a longer read, also check out our 60-page Ultimate Guide to 100 Deploys a Day ebook this checklist is based on.

Dylan Etkin, the author and Sleuth CEO and Co-founder, is a highly qualified practitioner. Dylan is one of the first 20 employees at Atlassian, and a founding engineer and the first Architect of Jira. He has also led engineering for Bitbucket and Statuspage.