Paperwork titled "Accuracy Matters"


Are you tracking DORA metrics accurately? If not, you have metrics you can’t trust.

Here’s the thing. If your measurements aren’t accurate and don’t represent real work, you risk investing in “improvements” that have no real impact on your team’s efficiency. 

Download this white paper to learn:
• Why accuracy matters
• The pitfalls of inaccuracy
• What accuracy buys you
• The cost of not knowing your true metrics
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What's inside

Everyone’s talking about using DORA metrics to finally measure engineering efficiency in a way that’s helpful to managers and developers alike.

And they certainly can do that — but only if you track DORA metrics accurately. 

In this important paper, Dylan Etkin, Sleuth CEO and co-founder, explains why it’s crucial to reliably model the way your team works today in order to improve efficiency by taking action on your true bottlenecks.

Dylan uses his engineering expertise — built from roles as a founding engineer and the first architect of Jira, and leading engineering for Bitbucket and Statuspage — to reveal the very real implications many teams face with inaccurate metrics, and what you stand to gain from accuracy.development practices, communications, to culture.

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