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Dora metrics

Why engineering efficiency is hard

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Dubious metrics

Most metrics are dubious proxies of efficiency (lines of code written, anyone?) and worse, culturally counter-productive.
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Non-actionable data

Metrics and charts are means to an end, but most tools stop there. Data without action will not lead to any improvement.
Automate manual deploy tasks in Slack and through code.

Costly implementation

Tracking efficiency is a non-trivial effort, not the least because each team has their own bespoke processes and tools.

DORA metrics + Sleuth = actionable insights

DORA metrics are the only studies-proven metrics to correlate with efficiency.
They have put to rest the false dichotomy of speed vs. quality.

Deployment-based metrics tracking is simply better.

Ship valuable features faster

Teams use Sleuth to fix inefficiencies that impede Deploy Frequency and Change Lead Time, enabling them to ship more releases and ultimately deliver value faster.

While reducing failures and downtime

They also use Sleuth to improve Change Failure Rate and MTTR, helping ensure quick reaction times are the norm and speed improvements don't come at the expense of quality.

Change Lead Time

Identify bottlenecks
Change lead time

Deploy Frequency

Track batch sizes
Deployment frequency

Change Failure Rate

Define and track failures
change failure rate


Drive MTTD to zero
Mean time to recovery
The desire to have visibility into what had been released into each environment, show how much more frequently we were releasing in the new system compared to the old one, and Change Lead Time metrics, led us to Sleuth.

We’ve been able to show upper management that yes, in fact, among other things, we have achieved the ability to do these releases more often.
Michael Gaskin
Senior DevOps Manager, Global e-Commerce
One of our goals today is being able to make the teams stable and more productive. Sleuth is very valuable to give input to where we have possible blockers or where our flow is not working well. Sleuth plays an important part when it comes to improving our ways of working on a day to day basis.
Carlos Ros√£o
Director of Software Engineering
The team is enjoying the benefits of being able to see if a change they made from the last sprint is actually resulting in an improvement or not, while it's still current in their minds.

With Sleuth, we can give the developers information that they can use to positively change their efficiency - they love that because it means they get more time to do other things.

Torsten Sinnemann
Engineering Manager, Article
It's often difficult to tell what's happening in all the tools we use to build software. Sleuth gives us a single view into our entire development cycle, helping us understand at an amazingly deep level the impact of our releases and how our code is improving over time.
Josh Graham
VP of Technology

How did elite software teams deploying many times a day get to where they are?

In this 60-page book, Dylan Etkin* deconstructs into phases the journey elite teams like those at Amazon, Google, and Netflix took:
- Phase 1 : Deploy once a week
- Phase 2 : Deploy once a day
- Phase 3 : Deploy a hundred times a day

*Dylan, CEO and Co-founder of Sleuth, previously led Atlassian Bitbucket engineering and was a founding engineer and the first architect of Atlassian Jira.

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How Engineering teams improve with Sleuth

Unlike other trackers, Sleuth is designed to accurately measure DORA metrics
and automatically surface actionable insights. See how we compare.


Prevent slowdowns by getting ahead of in-flight risks

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Identify bottlenecks slowing down your in-flight work, by comparing your work in progress DORA metrics against your historical baseline.
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Prove the impact of engineering initiatives

Measure the impact of your initiatives on delivery speed and quality, by tracking DORA metrics at team or project level.
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Help developers stay in the flow and remove bottlenecks

Sleuth gives engineers intelligent and timely notifications that reduces context switching and saves them valuable coding time.
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New Relic

Start fixing inefficiencies from day one

Sleuth gets to work with your existing toolchain and workflow. It models how your team is working today so you can get quick wins from Day 1.
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Go from zero to one hundred deploys a day.

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