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Don Brown

November 28th, 2023

Auto-update your Jira ticket status

Who here loves keeping Jira up to date? Who looks forward to updating Jira tickets once you code ships? Yeah, me neither.

I'm going to show you how to use Sleuth to automate all that.

Done vs. deployed to production

We use Linear for issue tracking. You can see our workflow here:

Notice the last two steps: done and deployed to production. These are two different ones:

  • Done means the code has been merged and is ready in some for
  • Deployed is when it's in the hands of your users or customers

Manually going through and reminding devs every single time after shipping some code to go back and update their issues would be super annoying, for both the manager and developer.

Update Jira ticket status automatically

That's where this Automation comes in: Transition mentioned issues when a deploy ships to production

What this Automation does is if there is code that shipped to production and sleuth detects that this code is related to an issue ticket, then once that code ships to the target environment, go back to each of those issues and update the status all automatically.

Let's look how I configured mine:

First off, you have the option to install this for a team or a project. In our case, we picked a project - more specifically the main Sleuth project.

Then, you can select what the issue state should be when a deploy ships to production. In our case, we picked "deployed to production" so that whenever code goes to production, the mentioned issues are automatically transitioned to that state.

Lastly, if you want to configure a different environment to trigger the Automation - for example, a QA or a testing environment or pre production for people to go in and verify that it works - you can use this Automation: Transition mentioned issues when a deploy ships to pre-production.

More Automations for Jira tickets

Or Linear, Shortcut, or another issue tracker you're using - if yours isn't yet supported do let us know - these may be interesting too:

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