Hyperdrive: A Continuous Delivery Report

A look at the motivations, processes, and psychological
impact of adopting continuous delivery

How often are teams releasing software?

Sleuth and LaunchDarkly joined forces to ask 203 software development professionals about their approach to shipping and the impact of their process.

Why are teams adopting
Continuous Delivery?

We wanted to understand the rationale behind adoption of continuous delivery, and the metrics teams use to measure progress towards that goal.

Top 5 Reasons For Adoption

Top 5 Release Metrics

How often are teams deploying vs. how often they’d like to deploy?

It turns out that very few software professionals think they are deploying too fast. This suggests that, in the grand scheme of things, and in proportion to software professionals’ good judgment, software should be delivered more rapidly—i.e. delivery ought to be more continuous.

What's inside

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