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Dora metrics

What's in Pro plan?

Team metrics for everyone

See how teams contribute to project.

Org trend and compare

See organizational trends and patterns.

Work-in-progress metrics

Watch for potential execution risks.

See how teams contribute to projects.

Teams often span multiple projects, and projects often span multiple teams. It's not uncommon for each team to have its own processes, tools, and goals.

In Sleuth, you can track DORA metrics by project, team, or both, giving you the ultimate flexibility. Your Pro plan comes with unlimited contributors (those without Sleuth account), up from 50 contributors in Standard.
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See organizational trends and patterns.

Some teams are more efficient than others, while some projects are more challenging than others. How do you tell when when there is still scope for improvement?

Your Pro plan comes with Org Trends and Compare, allowing you to make comparisons across project and teams and track the relative impact of your efficiency initiatives.
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Watch for potential execution risks.

The time to know if things aren't tracking to plan is not when teams report they'll miss a release deadline. That's too late, and much too costly.

Your Pro plan includes access to Work-in-Progress (WIP) Metrics*, alerting you when in-flight work is at risk, such as when code reviews take too long or deploys are likely to break things.

*WIP Metrics is a closed beta.
It's often difficult to tell what's happening in all the tools we use to build software. Sleuth gives us a single view into our entire development cycle, helping us understand at an amazingly deep level the impact of our releases and how our code is improving over time.
Josh Graham
VP of Technology