Setting up your deployment tracking just got a whole lot easier

Dylan Etkin
October 18, 2019

With Sleuth, you have the option to setup auto-tracking of deploys for your deployments. You have two setup options for auto-tracking:

1. Auto-tracking by tag

2. Auto-tracking by push

Auto-tracking by tag will install a post-push hook into your repository. Each time you push we’ll inspect your push to see if you pushed a tag. If so, we’ll create a deploy using that tag as the ref.

Auto-tracking by push assumes that every push to your branch should be treated as a deploy. This option also installs a post-push hook into your repository and inspects each push, using the pushed ref to create the deploy.

You still have the option to alert Sleuth about deploys manually by making a POST to the register_deploy endpoint.

You can setup the tracking type when you creating a deployment: You can also change the tracking type for an existing deployment by selecting Edit Code Deployment in the Settings dropdown: Happy deploying, The Sleuth team