• Michael Knighten

Expand your Sleuth monitoring reach with Datadog

One of our most commonly requested integrations, Datadog cloud monitoring, was announced last week on the Datadog blog!

Sleuth organizes your deployments into projects, which collect and organize key data from your code sources and their associated staging environments. This data consists of metrics and errors. Metrics that Sleuth pulls from your deployment infrastructure might include the average response times of your APIs or the percentage of notifications sent within a five-minute SLA, while errors might include the rate of service errors sampled from across every active deployment in the project. Sleuth then uses this data to make smart inferences about which changes caused a chosen data fluctuation.

When you install the Datadog integration in Sleuth, Sleuth immediately begins pulling in the Datadog metrics of your choosing and attaching them to their related deployments. This gives you a big-picture perspective of your project’s health as measured across past and current deployments and allows Sleuth to detect unusual activity within your deployments and the tools you use to automate them. And, because Datadog integrates with many of the same services that Sleuth does, as well as more than 400 other technologies, you can enrich your Sleuth with monitoring data from across your deployment stack.

Read all about it on the Datadog Monitor!


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