Easy and automated ways to track deploys

Dylan Etkin
October 18, 2019

With Sleuth, you have the option to setup automated tracking of deploys, so you don't have to tell it precisely which deploy to track. This method of tracking is easier to set up, as it is automatic based on a trigger. We offer two setup options for auto-tracking.

Auto-track deploys by tag

Auto-tracking by tag will install a post-push hook into your repository. Each time you push we’ll inspect your push to see if you pushed a tag. If so, we’ll create a deploy using that tag as the ref.

Auto-track deploys by push

Auto-tracking by push assumes that every push to your branch should be treated as a deploy. This option also installs a post-push hook into your repository and inspects each push, using the pushed ref to create the deploy.

Manually track deploys

You still have the option to alert Sleuth about deploys manually by making a POST to the register_deploy endpoint.

Changing deploy tracking type

You can setup the deploy tracking type when you creating a deployment: You can also change the tracking type for an existing deployment by selecting Edit Code Deployment in the Settings dropdown.

Happy deploying!