Mission control for frequent deployments.

Sleuth helps developers track the progress and impact of deployments.
Essential for teams shipping continuously.
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Developers doing deploys, great. Flying blind, not so much.

Help developers trust their deploys. Trust builds confidence, and confident teams deploy more.

Know when it is safe to deploy code.

Know the health and impact of your code.

Communicate deploys the easy way.

Automate your way, through code.

Still doing deploy tasks manually? Stop.

Time spent manually shepherding deploys is time not spent making code better.

You can't expect folks to dive into CI logs to know what's shipped and shipping.

You can't expect them to dive into monitoring tools and interpret vast amounts of data either.

With Sleuth, you automatically give developers the data they need in a deploy-centric view.
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Manually announce or coordinate deploys in Slack.
Without Sleuth
With Sleuth
Parse CI logs to get status on past and upcoming deploys.
Check multiple tools to track and interpret health of deploys.

Keep and get more out of your toolchain.

Sleuth is lightweight, flexible, and not intrusive.

It doesn't force you to rip and replace your CI/CD toolchain, nor dictate your deployment process.

Instead, Sleuth gets the best out of your favorite best-of-breed tools.

It integrates with all major source controls, APMs, error trackers, issue trackers, observability tools, and LaunchDarkly for feature flagging.
Sleuth integrates with all major popular tools in your toolchain.
It's often difficult to tell what's happening in all the tools we use to build software. Sleuth gives us a single view into our entire development cycle, helping us understand at an amazingly deep level the impact of our releases and how our code is improving over time.
Josh Graham
VP of Technology