Remove the barriers between pull request and deployment with real-time deployment tracking. The Github integration for Sleuth organizes your code into releases, associating other change sources (such as Jira and LaunchDarkly) and impact sources (like Datadog and Sentry) to give you a single view into your release pipeline.
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About the Integration

Linking your Github repository to Sleuth automatically creates deployments based on your team's history, and associates these releases with other change sources. Once a code deployment is integrated as a change of source, Sleuth immediately begins its analysis, looking at your commit history, number of authors, deploy frequency, size of commits, and other data to give you a full picture of how you and your team are managing your project's codebase. You'll instantly see the Trend Graph come to life with a complete snapshot that gives you the information you need to start deploying faster.​

How to Configure
Trend Graph for deployment history
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